Our BIO products
the natural taste.

The organic agriculture is a system of growing respect for Mother Earth rather than against it. It means free pesticides or fertilisers, no genetically modified ingredients and free from artificial preservatives and colours. Due to organic agriculture is more free, it does not mean that it is not extremely controled, inspected and certified by Biological European Agriculture. In Caparrós we are environmentally conscious and therefore act accordingly, taking care of our products, crops and nature.

BIO products
the most ecological

BIO vine tomato

Tomate pera bio - Caparrós

BIO plum tomato


BIO capsicums

Calabacín bio - Caparrós

BIO courgette

pepino bio - Caparrós

BIO dutch cucumbers

Sandia bio - Caparrós

BIO mini watermelon

BIO cherry round on vine

Berenjena bio - Caparrós

BIO aubergine

Products grown in the best area of Almeria
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