Caparrós is a family company, where people are our priority, for that reason we have an extraordinary team that could be regarded as responsible, enthusiastic and motivated. We work together every day to be a reference in quality, well-being, development and the environment. For us, people are our main and true asset.

Governing bodies
and management

A business success is simply the reflection of the attitude, motivation and commitment of the people working in it.

financial department- Caparrós

Financial dept.

sales and logistics - Caparrós
comercial department- Caparrós

Comercial dept.

Quality- Caparrós
labor department- Caparrós

Dept. labor RRHH

control management - Caparrós
technic department - Caparrós

Field technician Dept.

own farms -Caparrós
comunication department- Caparrós

Marketing and communication dept.

farmer advisory services - Caparrós
wellness department - Caparrós

Well-being and sustainability dept

institutional relations - Caparrós
computer department - Caparrós

Computing and R+D+I dept.

staff policy - Caparrós
production department - Caparrós

Production Dept.

sustainability Caparrós

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