Caparrós quality

The people who make up our Quality department understand that ensuring Quality and food safety to our customers and final clients is an indisputable policy and on which personas que relies Caparrós Nature’s credibility and responsibility.


Quality management
Ensuring your safety.

We perform a thorough monitoring of the fields production in farms certified by the G.A.P Global Protocol. At the same time, the company’s industrial premises are certified by IFS and BRC protocols. In doing so! We ensure the right handling and packaging of the vegetables under the most strict quality and food safety controls.

ISO 14001: Environmental management system

International environmental management system that helps identifying, prioritising and manage environmental risks, as part of the businesses’ daily activities.

Quality and environmental policy - Caparrós

At Caparrós we have established measures in order to maintain and improve the quality of our products and our services to satisfy our clients.

Global G.A.P.

Ensures food complies with the established quality and safety levels. This certification is topped up with GLOBAL GRASP that ensures the workers’ well-being and good social practices.

Grasp certificado

GLOBAL G.A.P section designed to assess social practices, taking into account specific issues such as worker’s health, safety and well-being.

IFS - International Food Standard

The IFS international guideline, developed by European and US wholesalers, has the objective to establish a common framework that ensures food safety of the products

BRC – Global Standard for food safety

It’s a global food safety protocol that aims to ensure that supply companies meet the standards to ensure the hygiene of their products. The company has a risk analysis test and critical point checkpoint to ensure food safety.

Integrated production

Vegetable production system that maximises the natural resources and production mechanisms and ensure a sustainable agriculture in the long term, using biological and chemical control methods and other techniques that make compatible the society’s demands, the protection of the environment with agricultural production, as well as the handling, packaging, transformation and labelling of vegetable products.

AENOR – AENOR certification – Covid protocol

Backs up good practices carried out in order to prevent COVID-19 risks in our premises, the safety of performing suitable protocols and shows the commitment to avoid the spread of the disease.

Organic Production

Organic, ecological or biological agriculture is a farming system in an autonomous farm based on the optimal use of natural resources, without using synthetic chemical products or genetically modified organisms -as fertilisers or plague control-, obtaining organic products while keeping the soil’s fertility and respecting the environment. All in a sustainable, balanced and durable way.

AENOR – AENOR certification – Healthy business

Regulation that connects health, safety and well-being at work through continuously improving the four influence sources for a healthy workplace established by the WHO; being those physical workplace, psicosocial environment, work personal resources and the business implication with society.