Health and well-being

At Caparrós we opt for a healthy lifestyle offering quality products and promoting physical activity. Moreover, we support the Sustainable Development Goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure a prosperous life for everyone.

A healthy company
certificated by AENOR

This certification acknowledges the initiatives of some organisations to improve health and well-being at the workplace and strictly follows the healthy business model outlined by AENOR. Thus, we have created a management system in which we measure and verify some indicators that contribute to a safe workplace for our staff and ensures and also ensure to maintain and improve health.

This healthy business model, first in its kind, is based on international criteria, as well as in continuous improvement methodology known as plan-do-verify-act, and understands health as a comprehensive physical, mental and social well-being.

Our system undergoes a series of audits annually by the certification agency, in order to make sure we meet the standards set and foresee the impact of them in the future.


Improve your cardiovascular health

Lobello is a great ally for cardiovascular health thanks to its low content in sodium. The Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) has included the Lobello Cherry tomato in its health and nutrition program, recommending it in order to have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


A vitamin A, B and C source

As part of its nutritional content, the Lobello Cherry plum tomato is an outstanding source of vitamins A, B and C. Moreover, it’s rich in lycopene that gives it its intense red colour when it’s riped.

prevents pathologies

Prevents several pathologies

Lycopene is a carotenoid pigment and a natural antioxidant that helps neutralise free radicals in our body cells, so it’s a good help to prevent several chronical diseases. Moreover, Lobello contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium, present in all kinds of tomatoes.


Outstanding sweetness

The fruits’ sweetness is highlighted reaching 11-12 brix (sucrose content for 100g) that gives it a unique intense flavour.


Nutritional Information

• Saturated fatty acids – 0,30 g/100g
• Total sugar – 5,4 %
• Ashes – 0,83 g/100g
• Sodium chloride (SAL) – < 0,01 g/100g
• Total fat – 0,53 g/100g
• Carbohydrates (EU) – 7,3 g/100g
• Humidity – 90 g/100g
• Proteins – 1,2 g/100g
• Energetic value(EU) – 39 kCal/100g
• Energetic value(EU) – 162 kJ/100g
• Fat energetic value – < 10 kCal/100g


Full of flavour and perfect for summertime

Red and tasty it reminds us those watermelons that our grandparents used to eat, its crunchy texture and soft, mild sweet pulp is a pleasure for the palate. The water content is near 92% making it an ideal snack for the summer to rehydrate during the hot summer months.

Seedless watermelon

Seedless and very sweet

It has 10-13 Brix so it stands out for its sweetness, as well as for the absence of seeds, showing a smooth clean pulp with no cracks. It is worth mentioning its lycopene content, a powerful antioxidant at cell level in our metabolic system, as well as its citruline that helps regulate our blood pressure. Moreover, it has vitamin A that helps our eyesight, potassium to regulate our arterial pressure and magnesium for our bones and nerve system.

low in calories

Very low in calories

Thanks to its high water content it’s a very low in calories fruit so it’s the perfect snack to take care of our body during the summer.

technical information

Nutritional Information

● High water content (93% approx)
● 10-13º brix giving an outstanding sweet taste to the consumer
● High in fructose
● Contains lycopene, a carotenoid pigment that gives its intense red colour
● Vitamins A and C
● Helps diuresis

Spanish consumer,
food safety and nutrition agency awards

IX Estrategia NAOS Award

2016 | awarded in recognition for the Caparrós Health, Social and Solidarity business initiative.

XIII Estrategia NAOS Award

2019 | in recognition for the Caparrós Takes Care Of you scheme at the workplace.

Caparrós takes care of you

Caparrós Takes care of you is a sustainable project aimed to value creation and in balance with the three dimensions: economic, environmental and social being the last one where we incide the most, taking care of the people’s quality of life and thus, having an impact on the community’s well-being.

This project is based on a healthy business model developed by AENOR. We’re the first Andalusian company in the sector certified as HEALTHY COMPANY. The model is based on a continuous improvement process that ensures a health, safety and well-being program that benefits all the parts, and it’s at the same time sustainable and durable.

Caparrós on the move

A program that encourages physical activity at the workplace that carries out different actions, among others, back workshop and relaxation techniques, talks about the benefits of physical exercise, “a thousand steps” challenge in a month or trekking.

Caparrós kitchen

Caparrós kitchen

We also like cooking, we have two extraordinary chefs: Yolanda García and Antonio Gázquez. We show you to prepare healthy recipes using quality fruits and vegetables, in the easiest way for a balanced diet. Every Wednesday we record a new recipe, that you can follow step-by-step in our videos or directly in the recipe.


Staff`s nutritional program

The main objective this activity was launched was that any Caparrós Nature employee could know his/her body composition using an electric bioimpedence check. But after checking the results generated by the SPA and having a dietist in the company we thought that we could go further and apart from checking the body composition we could assess each person’s diet with precise objectives.

The procedure is as follows:


A preliminary interview is carried out to know the current eating habits of the employee. In order to do so we use tools such as reminder every 24 hours and a consumption questionnaire. An anthropometric check is conducted as well as an electric bioimpedence test. The data collected during this study were the following : • Weight • BMI • % body fat • % muscle mass• visceral fat index


With all the information gathered, our nutritionist creates a menu that has the food content based on the objectives set by the person during the interview.


After 15 days an examination is conducted, and again an anthropometric and bioimpedence test. After checking the changes in composition and weight, another menu is handed out with the necessary modifications in order not to be monotonous and thus helping to reach the goal set. Every 15 days the subject receives a new menu, we aim to give 3 menus per week containing several options and as varied as possible.


The person is given an appointment every two weeks and step II is repeated until the objectives are met.

The purpose of this activity is a bilateral scheme that not only implies the individual but also his/her familiar environment as the tools given by the company for this matter, are to be done at home mostly. Indirectly we are helping to improve our workers’health as well as their families. We record all the bioimpedence collected that contain charts to help visualising changes in weight, BMI, %fat, %muscle mass and visceral fat index in an easier way.