Caparrós has gone from a fresh product small local company to control farming, production, transformation, packaging and commercialisation processes of fresh products and IV and V range throughout Europe and Eastern countries. We currently have 20,000 sq m of modern premises to select, handle and pack fresh products to deliver our clients.

Improvements we work
continuously on

New markets


Increasing demand


Client loyalty


Reduce competition


Increase the capacity of product handling


Brand positioning


Develop competitive advantages


Product added value

Innovation as
a future tool

All of this is possible thanks to the innovation focused as a tool for the future and which allows traditional cultivation techniques to be combined with the most advanced technology available.

Tunnel-type greenhouses

CAPARRÓS NATURE nowadays has a large number of multi-tunnel greenhouses, which allows them to be more airtight and to be able to adequately manage the climatic conditions.

To this end, they have zenithal and lateral ventilation systems that provide a useful ventilation surface capable of mitigating the effects of the area’s high temperatures in the most unfavourable months. In turn, these greenhouses have automated climate control systems, which, based on temperature and humidity sensors inside the greenhouses, as well as outdoor weather stations capable of recording maximum, minimum and average daily temperature measurements, as well as records of relative humidity, wind speed and direction and incident radiation on the crop, make it possible to design climate control strategies capable of modifying the growing conditions inside the greenhouse and favouring optimum conditions for the development of the plantations. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)