We are producers

It is very important for us to have our own production. It allows us to control the entire process, from planting on our farms until it reaches the consumer. In addition, we have associated farmers who have been working with us since our beginnings, and they are part of the Caparrós business network.

At Caparrós our plantations are located in different strategic areas of the province of Almería to guarantee production throughout the 12 months of the year.

During cold season of autumn and winter we produce on the seashore, next to the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park (the largest maritime-terrestrial nature reserve on the whole European continent). It has an average annual temperature of 18 °C.

During warm seasons production is obtained from our cultivated land at the foot of Sierra Nevada, in the area of Sierra de los Filabres. This is the other great Natural Park in the south of Spain. Its altitude and temperatures provide a mild climate in summer that allows us to link both production periods.

Area of our
own farms
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of production
per year
of associated
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We have the most important things at our disposal
for growing quality vegetables

Production system

We work with the latest cultivation techniques, such as hydroponic cultivation with coconut fibre or mixed substrate.

The environment

Our production lands are located in the European province with the most hours of sunlight per year: Almeria.


All our crops are located close to our warehouses. This means that our product reaches the consumer in the shortest possible time from the time it is harvested, optimising the shelf life of the product.

Tomato and watermelon specialists

Due to the climate conditions of our crops, our tomato is considered one of the best. One of the most influence factor is the excellent salinity of the water where our production lands are located.

Each day, we work hard to offer our customers the highest quality products, this is why we are specialised in fruits that are difficult to grow. These fruits are our Lobello cherry plum tomatoes, Laloba tomato spreads, Rosamary oxheart tomatoes and, of course, our Premium seedless watermelon. These brands are exclusive from our product catalogue.

Both our premium watermelon and Lobello cherries have been awarded three years in a row with the Flavour of the Year award. It is awarded by consumers. They also have been awarded three gold stars by the International Taste Institute Brussels.

We are so proud of our greenhouse crops

Part of our tradition

Associate farmers

We have more than 300 hectares of crops grown by partner farmers who work with us. They follow the same quality standards that we require of our own crops. Also they are advised by our technical agricultural engineers.


To ensure the highest quality we trust in the hands of our farmers and workers who help us to grow and select only the best pieces before they are delivered to the consumer.

Biological control for pest management

In our crops we work with Integrated Control, controlling in a natural and ecological way the pests and diseases that threaten our fruit. In addition, we have plant hedge reservoirs in our greenhouses that attract auxiliary fauna to fight against possible pests and act as a natural phytosanitary barrier.